Free from DeVilbiss: Cloud-based Software That Provides Interactive Patient Follow-Up, Automated Data Collection, Efficient Patient Management Work flows, and More

DeVilbiss SmartCode revolutionized the industry with a convenient, free way for patients, physicians, clinicians and providers to obtain and review usage and efficacy data. Now the SmartLink Web App delivers 21st century, cloud-based advantages, starting with set it and forget it patient reporting and follow up, along with other advantages.

How it works:

  • Automatically contacts and prompts patients – by email or text message – to submit IntelliPAP SmartCodes
  • Patients can submit their SmartCodes by logging in to the system and typing them in, by text message, or by submitting photographs of their SmartCodes via email attachment or upload
  • Everything is automated – enter patient data once and the solution sends reminders, follow-up notifications, personalized content including video links, and much more
  • No hardware, software or modem to install, manage, or pay for – it’s a FREE solution
  • Submit and access data from any location or device with an internet connection – no data cards to manage or keep track of
  • Follow-up automatically at all critical therapy intervals and receive alerts quickly if patient issues occur
  • Promote patient compliance by letting them track therapy progress and identifying problems early
  • Enhance patient satisfaction through “high-touch” communications, information, and answers at no added cost and requiring no added time
  • Collect, store and analyze therapy metrics, including average daily use, adherence rates, daytime sleepiness, self-reported snoring, patient counts by status and more
  • Offer informed answers to frequent questions without having to take time to answer in person
  • Provide IntelliPAP use and care training while documenting patient records
  • Securely communicate and share therapy reports with referring physicians, clinicians and patients within the system
  • Gain a HIPAA-compliant, two-way and private messaging system
  • Broadcast messages to all patients or groups of patients

Note: SmartLink Web is currently in a beta-testing, pre-launch phase. While the core functionality and features are working, many of the advanced features and overall refinements are still in development.

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